Budget Friendly Weekend

Monday, August 31, 2015

Lately, my significant other and I have been trying to save money when it comes to doing activities together. We recently took a fabulous week long vacation visiting Martha's Vineyard, that was worth every penny, but burnt a minor hole in our pockets. With wedding season coming on strong these next couple of months, we really don't have much wiggle room. Yes, budgeting is never a fun topic, but I believe discussing important financial topics between couples can bring two people closer together. It's never a fun topic, unless you just won the lottery or received an impressive raise, but those days don't happen often. I've noticed that a lot of social media of millennials is all about where you are and what you're doing, not focusing enough on who you are with and being in the present. I also find myself struggling with that from time to time. Social media is a different era, but it all traces back to our morals/values and what is important to us.

To tie into the title of this piece, our weekend was spent mostly with family and a few cheap, fun activities. I've always been into farmer's markets, and luckily we found one with a short enjoyable car ride. Farmer's markets are a great alternative to the weekly grocery haul at your local store, and if you shop around they can be pretty affordable, as well! I personally enjoy walking around to different booths, even if they have similar products for sale.

On Sunday, we did "antiquing." I've been on the hunt for a new dresser, but not wanting to spend a ton of money. There were some local mills that had converted into antique shops, open to the public. If you love shabby chic, then this activity would be perfect for you! Even if you don't plan on purchasing anything, you can grab so many ideas by just walking through the shops and seeing all the styles of furniture. I didn't end up buying anything, but it was fun to see something different than your average Ikea and Target.

At the end of the weekend, most of our expenses were spent on small meals, gas, and the driving range (my boyfriend has an obsession.) Needless to say, it's been an adjustment trying to save/budget our finances more responsibly. It's not easy, but I'm hoping that with encouragement and accountability we can accomplish our goals!

Outfit Details: Flip Flops (Old Navy), Jeans (GAP), White Tee (Target), Flannel (Marshalls)

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