Wedding Series: What I wore on my wedding day

Sunday, July 18, 2021

It finally happened! Nick and I were able to have the wedding of our dreams after postponing for another year. The day was absolutely magical! I wanted to first recap the details of what I wore/where everything was purchased before I move onto the reception details and other photos.

Earrings are from Olive and Piper
Hair was done by Larissa Lake & Co

Shoes are from Kate Whitcomb

THE DRESS! This dress was everything I could have ever hoped for! The designer is Kate McDonald and I purchased it at The White Dress by the Shore. A local bridal shop 5 mins from my house, which was very convenient for alterations. 
My veil was by Sara Gabriel, I was able to purchase this from my bridal shop. I highly recommend trying on veils with you dress rather than buying online so you can get a good vision of what the overall look is going to be and if you like it. There are so many veils on the market, it can get overwhelming. 

Photography by Amma Rhea Photography

Wedding location Smith Farm Gardens

More posts to come!

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