First Trimester Essentials

Monday, January 17, 2022

 Now that my second trimester is in full swing I wanted to share my first trimester must haves (for me, at least.) The products below are things I've seen other people share on Instagram and things I've found along the way. I'll be using these items most likely my entire pregnancy/post pregnancy. 

First things first, a comfortable bra. I haven't sized up in my regular/normal bra, but I immediately bought a few bralettes that are just more comfortable to wear. I wear these all the time around the house/running errands, etc. They are also super affordable! 

Another clothing item I've been loving since being pregnant are comfy pants that work with a growing bump. Below are two pairs I purchased.

A random purchase I decided to buy was pregnancy safe nail polish remover. I quickly realized I didn't have the best remover (without harsh chemicals) so I did a quick search and found this one. It's unscented, works great- you just need to wash your hands after removing any nail polish because it feels a bit oily.

One of the most important things added to your routine once you get pregnant are supplements. The number one being a pre-natal. I won't be sharing what I'm taking for that as it was prescribed by my doctor, but I will share two other supplements I've been taking. The first is Omega-3s/Fish Oil. I started taking these (along with my pre-natal) about 6 months before trying and continue to take them daily. They don't leave any fish taste in your mouth. The next one is a probiotic. I started taking this about a month before trying and I'm very lucky to say I've had no constipation issues thus far in my pregnancy. Constipation can be a common symptom in pregnant women. 
*Be sure to consult with your doctor on what supplements are safe for you to take.

Along with supplements, I decided to purchase a pill organizer. I'm pretty good at remembering to take them everyday, but this was more for traveling. Even just a weekend away I didn't want to bring four bottles with me. This pill organizer makes it super easy to travel with supplements or just remembering to take them daily.

Hydration is key while pregnant. I aim to drink about a gallon of water a day. In order to do that I need a pretty big water bottle. I've relied on my Yeti 30 oz tumbler that I refill multiple times a day. I know so many brands make similar water bottles and I'm considering getting the handle attachment so it's even easier to grab once the baby is here.

Keeping your skin and lips hydrated is also important. My lips have been so dry and I finally found a balm that actually feels like it's working! 

I also have been trying out this belly balm from Summer Fridays. It's not greasy and doesn't stick to my clothes.

The last thing I recommend (especially if this is your first pregnancy) is a notebook. Being pregnant for the first time is all new to you and it might be beneficial to write it all down. Whether it be your beginning symptoms, when your last period was, the date you found out. All of these notes can be important during your first appointments, as well. It's also a nice memory book to have and to also look back on if you get pregnant again.

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